Do you have Analysis of "Midnight Blue" by Pauline Fisk?

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Midnight Blue by Pauline Fisk is a coming-of-age novel that explores the propensity of escapist behavior among sensitive children. The protagonist in this novel represents children who are more introverted and self-aware than others. The novel also explores the dynamics between three different generations of women. Bonnie's mother and grandmother exemplify two different types of womanhood.

Her mother, Bonnie opines, has many weaknesses but she is a loving mother. Bonnie's grandmother represents strong will and a dominant personality. Bonnie is turned off by either of the characteristics represented by her mother and grandmother.

In this regard, Bonnie represents harmonious balance between "soft power" and "hard power." When Bonnie ends up becoming stuck in the parallel world, she is given different perspectives on life, and she is able to grow and learn to love. Her return home symbolizes a full-circle, in which Bonnie learned what she already knew deep inside but needed a fantastical journey to bring it out of her.

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