You have $50 to spend on cold cuts for a party. Ham costs $5.99/lb, and turkey costs $4.99/lb. Write an equation in standard form to relate the number of pounds of each kind of meat you buy.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The total amount to be spent on cold cuts for the party is $50. The cost of ham is $5.99/lb, and turkey costs $4.99/lb.

If the number of pounds of ham bought is x and the number of pounds of turkey bought is y:

5.99*x + 4.99*y = 50

The number of pounds of each meat that is bought is given by the equation 5.99*x + 4.99*y = 50, where x is pounds of lamb bought and y is the pounds of turkey bought.

tonys538 | Student

The cost of ham is $5.99 per pound and turkey costs $4.99 per pound. The budget for the party is equal to $50.

If x pounds of turkey and y pounds of ham are bought, the total expenditure is 4.99*y + 5.99*x. This is equal to 50. The equation representing this is:

4.99*y + 5.99*x = 50

This is graphically shown below: