If you had to pick one significant event that occurred during 1945 through 1946, and is considered to be "the last one standing"? Thank you.

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The United States in 1945 was still fighting in World War II with Hitler and the European war winding down; however, the Pacific war with the Japanese showed no signs of abating.  The Japanese policy was to fight to the death with no compromise possible, and the U.S. was facing an invasion of Japan which would result in a great loss of lives.  The dropping of the first atomic bomb in August 6, 1945 on Hiroshima still did not make the Japanese government give up; therefore, the second atomic bomb was dropped August 9, 1945 on Nagasaki.  Finally, the Japanese government surrendered.  The significant event of the atomic bomb being used represents "the last one standing."  The world returned to peace, the loss of life an invasion represented was avoided, and the new era of terrible destruction with the atomic bomb was now beginning.  Whether one sees the atomic bomb as good or bad, atomic power was now in the open. 

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