If you had to choose a symbol to represent Friar Lawrence's character (in Romeo and Juliet) what would you choose and why?

Expert Answers
copelmat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would choose a red rose, just past its prime and beginning to wilt.

Friar Lawrence serves many roles within the plot and themes of the play. First, a red rose often symbolizes love and Friar Lawrence is the individual responsible for not only marrying our two star-crossed lovers but also making the arrangements for them to be together after Romeo's banishment. Friar Lawrence's interest in botany and the "medicine power" he extracts from plants is also obviously important to the plan he crafts for Romeo and Juliet to be together. However, despite Friar Lawrence's noble early intentions and despite his best prior efforts, the Friar flees the Capulet tomb prior to Juliet's suicide and proves himself to be less than he once was.