If you had to choose one, would you define globalization primarily as a political, economic, or technological phenomenon?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would choose to say that globalization is mainly a technological phenomenon.  The technology is what makes globalization possible, leading to the economic and political aspects of the phenomenon. 

Globalization has arisen because of technology.  Globalization started in somewhat minor ways long ago when ship and navigational technology improved.  As technology improved, globalization increased.  It really took off with a few technological innovations.  For example, the rise in containerization was tremendously important.  This helped to reduce shipping costs and make it more feasible to produce in one country and ship the goods to other countries.  Perhaps the greatest drive of globalization recently has been communications technology.  The internet, in particular, has made it very easy to communicate between countries.  This has allowed globalization to spread to areas of business such as customer service and computer programming.

Of course, the economic and political aspects of globalization are very important.  However, they would not be possible were it not for the technological changes that have allowed globalization to occur.  For this reason, I would choose to say that globalization is primarily a technological phenomenon.