Interpersonal Communication

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Are you a good communicator? What is your interpersonal communication style?

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Different textbooks and different scholars use different typologies of interpersonal communication styles.  We cannot know which styles your text lists.

By one typology, I would say that my communication style is “assertive.”  Of course, someone else who is watching me communicate might not agree.  I feel that I communicate in this style and that I do so relatively well.

An assertive communication style is one in which you know what your feelings are and you know what you want in a given situation.  You communicate these ideas clearly to others.  However, at the same time, you do not do so in an aggressive way that is likely to put others on the defensive or to make them angry.  I feel that I have learned how to communicate in this way because I have spent years teaching and coaching.  This means that I have ample opportunity to communicate with people. I have had more chances to engage in interpersonal communications than people in many other professions do.

I feel that I am a good communicator because I think about what messages I want to convey and I think about what words will best convey those messages.  Importantly, I also listen well (a major part of communication) so that I can sense what others need and how they are perceiving my words.

I hope that my analysis of my communication style and skill is accurate.  However, I am naturally biased on this subject and therefore am not able to be completely objective.

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