If you get to have a conversation with king kong what interesting questions about his movie?please tell me too why did he kidnapped the girl ann darrow

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would ask questions about Kong's nature of being alone on the island.  I would ask him about what it was like to be alone and whether or not he understood the difference between being lonely and alone.  I would ask him about how he felt about human beings, given all else concerning his obvious love for the girl and his dislike of those who wished him harm.  At the same time, I would ask about the nature of his relationship with the girl and then his past experiences with love.  Had he felt the same way before with someone else?  What does it mean for someone with such strength and such ferocity to possess love?  I think that my conversation with him would border on Oprah/ Barbara Walters territory.

mkcapen1 | Student

If I were interviewing King Kong about his movie, and pretending he was real and could answer me, I would ask the following questions.

Interviewer:  "Mr. Kong, How long did you live on the island."

Kong: "All of my life.  I was born on the island."

Interviewer:  "There are many kinds of bugs on the island, could you name a few of them?"

Kong:  "The worst kinds are the giant spiders and mosquitoes.  They really sting."

Interviewer:  Why did you take the girl, Ann Darrow?"

Kong:  "The natives were going to give her to me anyway.  They do that you know.  They sacrafice things and women to me for a meal so I will leave the rest of them alone.  Miss Darrow was different.  I had never seen a blond before or one with such strange skin."

Interviewer:  "Did you like the city when you first saw it?"

Kong:  "I had been on a boat encaged in a tin can for months.  I was just glad to get out of the hole.  Then, I saw all the weird metal trees.  Some of the rocks and mountains had strange sharp shapes.  I couldn't find the trees and vines.  I hated it."