Macbeth Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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How would you design a proposal for a film producer who wishes to make a modern version of Macbeth?  

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A filmmaker could create a modern version of Macbeth by setting the action in a modern American corporation.

Adapting Shakespeare plays to modern-day settings is all the rage.  It also provides us with a unique perspective on a play.  Since Macbeth centers around ambition, it seems that modern-day corporate America is a natural fit.

You could set the story in modern-day New York City in a corporation with a cut-throat industry.  The cast would have to have a strong Lady Macbeth, such as perhaps Angelina Jolie.  Macbeth should be subtle, and able to go from humble and brave to evil.  A good actor to play Macbeth might be someone like Ewan McGregor.  The music could be modern, but with bits of a Scottish twist.  Costumes would be high-class fashion, appropriate to Macbeth’s status in modern America.

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