You are a cytotechnologist working in a hospital labratory. A doctor has performed a skin biopsy and sent you a swab of some cells. A) Explain how you would perpare a wet mount of the cells.

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hobyheather eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A wet mount slide is a very common way to fix a specimen to a slide.

1) Get a clean slide and cover slip, a small amount of water, and an eye dropper, along with your specimen.

2) Place your specimen in the middle of the slide.

3) Suck up some water into the eye dropper.

4) Put one drop of water directly on top of your specimen.

5) Slowly put the cover slip on top of the wet specimen without getting any bubbles stuck under the cover slip.

One way to make sure you don’t get bubbles is to put the cover slip down by placing the edge down first and then slowly lowering the rest of the cover slip over the specimen. If you do get bubbles, you can slowly push them out from under the cover slip by putting pressure on top and sliding your finger across them.

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