You are a cytotechnologist working in a hospital lab. A doctor has performed a skin biopsy and sent you a swab of some cells. a) Explain how you would prepare a wet mount of the cells.  

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A wet mount is a method for preparing a glass slide for use under a microscope.  The cotton swab with the cells would be swiped across the center of the slide to transfer cells to the slide plate.  One drop of distilled water would then be placed on the center of the slide right on top if the cells.  A clear slide cover square would then be dropped on top of the water drop to seal the moist cells between the slide and the cover.  The slide is then ready to be placed under a microscope for viewing.  It is important to use clean water here so prevent other microorganisms from being present in the slide.  Also, the slide cover is usually dropped into the slide at an angle to prevent any air bubbles from being trapped in the water.

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