If you could rewrite an important event in the story but through a different point of view what would it be

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There are a lot of parts in the story that would make for interesting rewrites from different points of view. As it stands the story is written from the omniscient point of view so we know what each character is thinking and feeling and we get a somewhat unbiased view of the situations that unfold in the story.

I might rewrite the story from the first person point of view as Ulrich von Gradwitz and I would write the story in such a way as to draw the reader into the plot in a sympathetic manner so that the reader can join me on search for Georg. I might not get trapped beneath the tree and offer Georg a deal in exchange for saving his life.

There are countless ways that the story can be rewritten and from lots of points of view. You can even write it from the point of view of the wolves.

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I would carry on the story b/c in the one i read it just stops right when the wolves came i would really lie to know what happened to them i have a couple ideas but it doesn't say.