If you could have one thing in the world, what would it be? Why?If you could have one thing in the world, what would it be?  Why?

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People seem to be interpreting this question in two different ways. I wish for a world where people do not treat each other cruelly and violently. If I am wishing for something for myself, I would wish for a soul mate. I have not yet met the one person I feel a deep connection with, with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.
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If I could have one thing in the world it would be true happiness.  If I were truley happy it would be because I had everything I needed.  I would not have to worry about work, money, or health.

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I would like a world where people see each other as human beings first, without putting them into social, political, racial, religious or whatever groups available. And some really good chocolate  ;)

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I would request that the manner in which we live be sustainable.  That we wouldn't be facing a critical shortage of resources, and the inability to lift more than half the world's population out of abject poverty.  Living sustainably would cure many of the other ills in the world.

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For me, it would be to retain my mental and physical health until the day I drop dead.  I do not want to end up wanting to die because of poor health.  I don't want my wife or kids having to deal with me losing my mind and being just an organism they have to care for...

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It would have to be financial security. I thought I was about there at one point, but a teacher's life will probably never secure this wish sufficiently. I like to travel, and there's never enough money to take me to all the places I've never been or to where I want to return. If I could only be a little faster on some of my eNotes answers...

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I desire a world where everyone pulls his or her own weight.  Then, the individuals who truly need the temporary help of the state could always get it and there would be no political preference to certain groups who take advantage of such programs because of race or other defining factor.  Too often I have seen single mothers, handicapped people, and those who make $5 a month over the cut-off for eligibility get turned down for aide because there are too many who don't really need the help clogging up the system.

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If I could have one thing in this world, it would be true happiness...Not the kind of joy you feel when you get the Christmas present you want, but the kind of happiness that you know can never be ruined or taken away from you. That's all I want. P.S. No. I'm not depressed. 

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if i could have anything it would be imortality and the ability to give imortality to who ever i want. the reason for this is because if you live for ever you will be the smartest person and then you can have the abilty to do what ever you would like.

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The one thing I would want is the ability to request more wishes. That way, I could do more for my family and friends than with one wish at the beginning. There is nothing like having additional support when you run out of ideas or have trouble with anything.