What does a manager do to get an employee's needs met at one level of Maslow's pyramid so they can progress to another level of the pyramid? A business related question about Maslow's hierarchy of needs and management.

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First of all, a manager cannot always meet an employee's needs on Maslow's pyramid.  For example, it might be very difficult for a manager to provide a person's love and belonging needs (though this does vary to some extent with the sort of business we are talking about.

When it is possible to meet an employee's needs, the "how" will depend on which level the employee is on.

For example, managers might try to fill love and belonging needs by trying to create a sense of camaraderie in the workplace.  If the manager can create a sense of teamwork, the employee may feel he or she belongs and may be able to move to a higher level.

As another example, a manager can help meet esteem needs by providing the employee with positive feedback.  Managers should be sure that they do not always criticize but that they, instead, are sure to point out when employees do good things.  This would help fill the employees' esteem needs.


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