How would I rewrite the sentence "You can't deny that his handwriting has improved" with "can't be"?

Expert Answers
gojsawyer eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Contractions are fairly common as a part of speech. In a contraction, two words are joined with an apostrophe substituting for the omitted letters. A contraction formed with the word “not” indicates the opposite meaning of the verb it modifies, changing the meaning of the verb from positive to negative. For example, the verb “can” connotes the meaning “to be able.” In contrast, “cannot” connotes “unable. The contraction “can’t” as substituted for “cannot” also connotes “unable.“ To edit the sentence and to change its meaning correctly, it is useful to recognize that typically, English does not employ double negatives. As such, “You can’t can’t deny that his handwriting be improved” is not a correct sentence. “Can’t” in this sentence needs to modify “handwriting,” in order to connote the meaning that his handwriting is unable to be improved. As such, “You can’t deny that his handwriting can’t be improved” is a correct sentence.