If you can exert a force of 500N how much mass can you lift?? ( what about on mars where g=3.74N/kg)

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If you can exert a force of 500 Newtons, then you should be able to lift an object that has a normal force of 500 Newtons or less.  Since Force = mass x acceleration, the normal force is calculated as the mass of the object multiplied by the acceleration of gravity. If the mass is in kilograms and the acceleration is in Meters/sec2, the force unit is Newtons.

In your question, F = 500 N

On Earth, a = 9.91 m/s2, so F=ma  gets you:

500 = m(9.81)

500/9.81 = m

54.9 kg =m

So you can move a mass of 54.9 kg on Earth.


On Mars:

500 = m(3.74)

500/3.74 = m

133.7 = m

On Mars, you can move a mass of 133.7 kg.


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