If you believe that Health care teams are more important than teams in other industries, what happens if the health care team fails?

Expert Answers
farouk23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The health-care team is inevitably more important but a failure of the health-care team is of greater consequence. Properly organized teams in any industry have quality control procedures in place to minimize errors and failures. With many industries the failure of an element within the team could lead to loss of production or a drop in service quality. A serious error could lead to severe financial loss or total production stoppage; however such serious errors occur only when there is a complete disruption of the process, which is usually the result of a cascade of errors. In the health-care arena failure usually results in either the loss of the patient’s life or a severe medical fault. This type of error or fault could have significant repercussions for members of the medical practice or team, consequences which include:

  1. Increase in malpractice liability insurance rates
  2. Medical malpractice lawsuits
  3. Loss of reputation and business
  4. Loss of medical licences