If you began with 24 moles of Fe2O3, how many moles of pure iron would be formed as a product?

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Hematite (Fe2O3) ore is used to produce pure iron metal by using coke. In the blast furnace, coke converts to carbon monoxide. The overall reaction is given as:

`Fe_2O_3 + 3CO -> 2Fe + 3CO_2`

Using stoichiometry, 1 mole of hematite reacts with 3 moles of carbon monoxide (or 3 moles of coke) and generates 2 moles of iron metal and 3 moles of carbon dioxide. 

In the given case, 24 moles of hematite undergo the extraction process. Using the above chemical reaction, 24 moles of hematite will generate 48 moles (= 2 x 24 moles) of pure iron metal. 

The atomic mass of iron is 56 gm/mole. Since 48 moles of iron are generated, the amount of iron generated, in this case, will be 2688 gm. 

Hope this helps. 

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