You are Arun on your way via train to Bombay with hopes of entering an American University write your thoughts.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that part of my writing as Arun would be that "my hopes" are actually the hopes of my father.  I would indicate in my writing that the hopes of entering an American University would represent the wishes of my father, who wanted "the best, the most, and the brightest" for me.  Such a drive prevented me from spending time with my sister in Bombay during holidays.  Instead, I had to make sure that I studied the best I could for these entrance exams.  I think that I would spend some time reflecting about how my future has become the embodiment of MamaPapa's wishes for me.

Perhaps, some of this reflection could reside in how there is a loss of identity for young boys as well as young girls in a culture where parents' wishes are given so much weight.  It is here in which the emotional "fasting" is present, a denial of one's own wants for the aspiration and vicarious life of parents who live through their children.  Arun would have these thoughts in him as he travels en route for his exam.  When he receives his letter of acceptance, there is little in way of emotional attachment.  This indicates that some notion of emotional detachment is present in his characterization and would emerge in a train ride where thoughts are freely composed.