You are part of a team that is creating an online exhibit of William Blake’s illustrated poetry. Your job is to write a paragraph about each poem in the pair of poems you chose for visitors to the website to read. In the paragraph, provide several details about the poem and several details about the illustration. Your paragraph should then guide viewers to see how the text of the poem and the illustration work together to convey Blake’s theme. Use the poems "Infant Joy" and "Infant Sorrow" to write the two paragraphs.

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It's been observed by more than one commentator over the decades that Blake's illustrations do not fully live up to their corresponding poems. We don't have a way of knowing if this is because Blake intended his visual art as a kind of ironic foil to his verse.

A striking example is perhaps the best-known of all his poems, "The Tyger." In the illustration, the animal's appearance is so bland and neutral that I once heard it described as a "toy shop tiger." Again, we don't know if this is deliberate, a purposeful negation of the "burning" beast as described in the poem.

My view is that the apparent paradox may, in fact, have been Blake's intention. His poetry generally expresses contradictory motifs—not only between the matched pairs of Songs of Innocence and of Experience but within the individual poems themselves. It is...

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