Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Fantomina has a moralizing intention, it tries to teach readers some moral lessons. Explain your answer with 2 examples and discussion.

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Fantomina is a story of a young lady from an aristocratic family who is attracted to a man by the name Beauplaisir. After watching various men flirt with a prostitute in a London playhouse, the protagonist decides to be adventurous and disguises herself as one too. It is during her disguise that she encounters Beauplaisir and engages in sexual activity with him. What began as a disguise for fun by the protagonist turns into a routine as she is compelled to disguise herself from time to time so that she can have sex with Beauplaisir. She disguises herself into four different women including Fantomina, Celia, Mrs. Bloomer, and Incognita. Whenever Beauplaisir would show disinterest in the protagonist, she would disguise herself as a different person and have sex with him. Despite the protagonist doing everything possible to keep her actions hidden from the public and her family, she eventually...

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