yogaConsider the various forms of yoga. Which one appeals to you the most and why?

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#9, the association of Yoga with religion is mostly inaccurate; while certain poses come from meditation rituals, Yoga is, at its core, a method of stretching and strengthening the body. It is intended to provide a slow and peaceful workout and stretching regimen, which may appeal to many people wanting something other than high-impact, fast exercise. Many Yoga practitioners live longer and healthier than others because they relax their bodies and don't work out under stress. The religious aspect is largely inconsequential.

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Viniyoga would be for me because of the way in which it would be a form of yoga that differentiates to the needs of every single person that wants to take it up. It seems to be very adaptable in this sense and easy to fit around your own varying personal needs and situation.

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I think the Hatha form is for me, as I would seek to gain the physical benefits more than the mental benefits, which seem to me to be found in any exercise regimen. But as a systematic method of building flexibility, I think Hatha yoga is pretty effective.

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I know this is not really a true form of yoga, but I take a Senior Yoga class.  The positions are modified by the instructors as suggested alternatives which enables anyone to do the class.  At 63 and recovering from an auto accident, this yoga class enables me to work on my balance, strength and agility to keep somewhat active.  I just wanted people to know that yoga does not have to end if injuries interfere.

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Although a bit maligned, I'd choose the Hot Yoga (Bikram.)  When I did it regularly all the aches and pains disappeared and I was in great shape. The heat definitely helps loosen everything and increases circulation.



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I think I would also try viniyoga, which apparently is adapted to the needs and circumstances of each individual. It sounds as if it would be the most flexible kind of yoga (no pun intended) and also the one that would most allow for individual progress.

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I would prefer Ananda Yoga because it focuses on gentle stretching and breathing. People are always telling me to breathe. I probably would benefit from something more physical though, to get more physically fit. Here is a list of different types of Yoga.
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If I were going to do yoga, I think that I would do Viniyoga.  I base this on which style seems to be best for my physical needs.  I've got a lot of joint problems and such which would make me unable to do something like Power Yoga and might give me trouble getting into the poses for some of the other styles.  So I'd want to go with the style that is most able to adapt to my physical problems.

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What is the relationship of yoga with religion!!!?
I think that yoga is very boring sport.