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by Stephenie Meyer

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"Yesterday I kiss you, and you attack me" - Edward ???? This is on Chapter 15 (The Cullens) where Edward is observing Bella's responses to his kisses. But I do not remember Bella attacking him after their first kiss in the meadow on chapter 13 (Confessions). Am I wrong?

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She doesn't literally attack him. She is just so attracted to him that when he tries to kiss her, she lets her instincts take over and she leans into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck and weaving her hands through his hair. This is, of course, dangerous because it is very difficult for Edward to control himself around her, much less when she is so willing to be close to him.

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zumba96 | Student

This was based on when she kisses him in that specific way, he can't seem to control himself around her and this could result in terrible things. But she was supposed to stand still and not move and yet she kissed him in a way he felt like was 'attacking' because he couldn't handle it. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Edward was just teasing Bella on the way she reacted to the kiss he gave her. Instead of staying completely still like he instructed her to so he could stay in control and not hurt her Bella get's very passionate and lost in the kiss where she makes both of them loose control for a while. So Edward is saying that Bella is attacking his composure haha.

futuremrsedwardcullen | Student

when he kissed her she had the reaction and kissed him back which neither of them knew she would do. she was kissing him with a lot of enthusiam and he wasnt prepared for that.