Yeast growth experiment - References usedDescription of my yeast investigation - The title of my yeast investigation is 'Investigating optimum conditions for yeast growth'. I investigated the...

Yeast growth experiment - References used

Description of my yeast investigation -

The title of my yeast investigation is 'Investigating optimum conditions for yeast growth'.

I investigated the optimum conditions for yeast growth. To do this I found out how different concentrations of glucose solutions and temperature will affect the growth of yeast.

Discuss how each of the information sources below could help with my yeast investigation including its’ reliability and validity?

Information sources -






Discuss how each of the information sources above could help with my yeast investigation?

Include :-

The reliability and validity of each information source above?

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I agree with the others about not using Wikipedia, but you can also use it as a starting point. Often the references and links for the Wikipedia page will actually be very useful to send you in the right direction. Your Rice source is good, since it's a university.
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Please don’t ever use Wikipedia as a source of an academic investigation. Look for sources that are credible with knowledgeable sources. These might be .org or .edu sources. Also look for sources that have contact information and don’t have a specific agenda for promoting the information.

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You are asking quite a bit of us! I will say that you should not use wikipedia as a source for any scholarly effort. While the site can and very often does have good information, it is not reviewed/verified enough to use as a reference.

Sources based in universities are usually much better. Any peer reviewed article is your best bet.

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You asked a great question.

Web sites add current and new information.  Books add a historical and very in-depth perspective. Encyclopedias add referenced material and authoritative definitions. Books, and scholarly journals are very reliable, unless the book as been deemed controversial. Education sites are probably peer-reviewed and very valid and reliable. On-line sites such as wikipedia might be reliable, though I don't know how valid they are.

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