Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement

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The year 1968 was a pivotal year in US history.  Assess its importance in TWO of the following areas: politics, foreign policy, culture.

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Politics in 1968 were marked by unprecedented levels of violence and upheaval. Not one but two major political figures were assassinated in the first half of the year. Dr. Martin Luther King, who had moved from civil rights to open opposition to the Vietnam War and was trying to unite poor people of all races, was gunned down in April. Popular Democratic candidate for the presidential nomination, Robert Kennedy, who became a front-runner after Lyndon Johnson decided not to seek reelection, was shot and killed in June. In August, protests outside the Democratic Convention in Chicago led to police violence that shocked many people. Vietnam was radicalizing young people who did not want to be drafted to fight in a war that many of them did not support, and which they had no say in, for the draft age was 18 and the voting age, at that time, was 21. Many, feeling they had no other way to influence politics, took to the streets in massive protests. This led to the successful "law and order"...

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