At the Yalta conference Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin decided to what?This question is from the Prentice Hall "Modern American History."

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In 1945 the major players of allies in WWII had a meeting to decide how Europe would be divided after the war.  Churchill from England, President Roosevelt from the United States, and Stalin from Russia all agreed that the most important thing that must be accomplished was the complete surrender of Germany.  Germany was already beaten, but still fighting.   Churchill and Stalin both wanted to invade and take over Berlin.  However, General Eisenhower and the US troops marched toward Dresden instead of Berlin.  The Russians captured Berlin.   The three super powers didn’t agree on everything at Yalta, but they agreed on enough to work together long enough to overcome the threat of Germany. The most important result of Yalta was the development of the United Nations.  It still exists today. The Russians agreed to meet at the meeting of the "United Nations" along with all the other nations represented.

"The Big Three planned an international conference to be held in San Francisco in April, at which the United Nations would be formed. Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill reached agreements on several points concerning membership and voting in the new body. Churchill resented U.S. proposals for United Nations trusteeships of colonial territories, which the British prime minister interpreted as an attempt by Roosevelt to dismantle the British Empire. "

usbummer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It was also decided (in secret) at Yalta that the Soviet Union would declare war against Japan within 3 months after the surrender of Germany. This timeline then coincided with the atom-bombing of Japan.

It was also decided to divide Germany into zones of military occupation setting the stage for serious Cold War crises related to a Communist East Germany and a democratic West Germany.

zumba96 | Student

The Yalta conference was a meeting between heads of states in the US, GB, and USSR (Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin) on Feb. 1945 to plan the occupation of postwar Germany. (Info found: My World History Notebook)