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y=x-2 is the equation of a line.

To graph, determine the x and y intercepts.

The x intercept is calculated by substituing y=0 into the equation.


Then `x=2` is the x intercept.

The y intercept is calculated by substituting x=0 into the equation.


Then the `y=-2` is the y intercept.

Graph the line:

By looking at the graph, the points (3,1) and (-2,-4) are on the line.

This can also be verified by substituting 3 for x and 1 for y in the equation,


or substituting -2 for x and -4 for y:


The equation of the line could also be derived using those points using the form:


Substitute 1 for `x_1`, 3 for `y_1`, -2 for `x_2` and -4 for `y_2`









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