`y = tan^2 ((pix)/6) - 3` Find the x-intercepts of the graph.

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x-intercepts are points where y=0, so we have to solve the equation


This implies that `tan((pix)/6)=sqrt(3)` or `tan((pix)/6)=-sqrt(3),`

and this in turn implies

`(pix)/6=tan^(-1)(sqrt(3))+kpi` or `(pix)/6=tan^(-1)(-sqrt(3))+kpi,` `kinZZ.`

Take into account that `tan^(-1)(sqrt(3))=pi/3` and `tan^(-1)(-sqrt(3))=-pi/3`

The final answer:

`x=2+6k` and `x=-2+6k,` `kinZZ.`