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`y = cos(x), y = sin(2x), x = 0, x = pi/2` Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves and find its area.

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`y=cos(x) , y=sin(2x) , x=0 , x=pi/2`

Refer the attached image, y=cos(x) is plotted in red color and y=sin(2x) is plotted in blue color.

From graph,

cos(x) is above sin(2x) from 0 to pi/6

sin(2x) is above cos(x) fron pi6 to pi/2

Area of the region enclosed by the given curves A=`int_0^(pi/6)(cos(x)-sin(2x))dx+int_(pi/6)^(pi/2)((sin(2x)-cos(x))dx`







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