Find the slope of the line y=-5x-1.

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Find the slope of the line `y= -5x-1` .

The equation is written in slope-intercept form: `y =mx+b` , where `m` represents the slope and `b` represents the y-intercept.

Therefore, -5 is the slope and -1 is the y-intercept.

The solution for the slope of the line is -5.

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This equation is in the slope-intercept form


where m is the slope and b is the y intercept.

In the linear equation y=-5x-1, the slope is -5 and the y intercept is -1.

Here is the graph:

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The equation y = -5x-1 is already in slope-intercept form.

                              Slope-Intercept Form:  y = mx + b

                                      m = the slope of the line

                                      b = the y-intercept (where the line crosses the y-axis)

So, the slope of the line is -5 and it crosses the y-axis at -1.

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The equation of a line is y=mx+b. M, or the coefficient in front of your x, is equal to the slope. In your equation, y=-5x-1, the number -5 would represent your slope. 

if you didn't have an equation, just a graph, and needed to find slope you would use the formula rise/run. Pick a point and count how far you go up the y-axis and how far you move horizontally on the x-axis. 

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y=-5x-1.   the slope-intercept form is y= mx+b m represents the slope and b represents the y intercept the problem is already in that form, so just look for m and m is -5

the slope is -5  rise over run form would be `(-5)/1`