`y = 2^sin(pi x)` Find the derivative of the function.

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`u = sin(pi*x)`

`y = 2^(u), (dy)/(du) = 2^(u)log2`

`(du)/(dx) = cos(pi*x) * pi`

and `y' = pi*log(2)*2^(sin(pi*x))*cos(pi*x)`

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Take log on both side,we get

log y = Sin(`pix) log2`

dy/ydx= `pi` Cos(`pix` )log2

dy/dx= y` ` Cos(` ` )log2

dy/dx=`2^{\sin(\pi x)}.\pi .log2.Cos(\pi x)`


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It is a simple question of derivation where the derivative can be find out by using substitution. The detailed solution is given the image uploaded. Please refer to it.

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