`y = (1/2)sin(pi*x/3)` Find the period and the amplitude

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caledon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Formula for amplitude: if y = a sin bx, amplitude is the absolute value of a

Amplitude of .5

Formula for period: if y = a sin bx, period is 2pi/b

Here, this gives us 2pi/pi/3, which can be rearranged to 


Pi cancels and gives 2x3

Period of 6


kspcr111 | Student

`y = (1/2)sin(pix/3)`

the general form is `y= a sin(bx)`

on comparing with the above equation with the general form we get

the amplitude is `|a| = (1/2)`

and the period for the sin is  `(2* pi) /|b| = (2pi)/(pi/3) = 6`