xplain how shared values is the central care of McKinsey's 7-S model?

smvillalon | Student

Shared Values are also called "superordinate goals" (this was the term used when the model was first developed).  These values represent the core values of the company.  You see these values in the corporate culture and the general work ethic.  In a 7S diagram, the Shared Values are placed in the middle of the model.  This is done to emphasize that these values are “CORE” or at the heart of the development of all the other critical elements. The company's structure, strategy, systems, style, staff and skills.  These all stem from the main purpose of why the organization was originally conceptualized, and what the organization (and the stakeholders by association) stands for.  Remember that the original vision of the company was formed from the core values of the creators.  As these core  values change, so do all the other elements.


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