If xis not = o, then u/x+ 5u/x- u/5x=   A 7x/5u B 5u/7x C 29u/5x D 31u/5x

Expert Answers
sciencesolve eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You need to evaluate `u/x + (5u)/x - u/(5x)` , hence, you need to bring the terms to a common denominator, such that:

`u/x + (5u)/x - u/(5x) = (5u + 25u - u)/(5x)`

`u/x + (5u)/x - u/(5x) = (29u)/(5x)`

Hence, evaluating the expression `u/x + (5u)/x - u/(5x)` yields `u/x + (5u)/x - u/(5x) = (29u)/(5x)` , thus, you need to select C option.