if x+2x=10, what is x

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x + 2x = 10

common terms can be added together, in this case both the terms on left hand side have "x" as the common parameter.

Taking x as common parameter,

x (1+2) = 3x =10

or, x = 10/3

We can check the answer by substituting x =10/3 on left hand side of equation:

10/3 + 2 x 10/3 = 10/3 + 20/3 = (10+20)/3 = 30/3 = 10

which is same as right hand side, hence proved.

Ans: x = 10/3

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Before solving this equation, we can simplify it. How?

In the equation:

x + 2x = 10

The bolded terms, x & 2x, are like terms, which means that you can use operators to simplify them into one term. In this case, can be added to 2x to simplify the equation:

(x + 2x) = 10 -> 3x = 10

Now, we have a simple equation. We know that 10 is the value for 3x, so to find the value of x, we can use inverse operations. We know that if we apply something to one side of the equation, we must apply it to the other side too:

3x / 3 = 10 / 3


x = 10/3 (The fraction is the most accurate way to describe the answer, since the actual answer has infinite decimals.)

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