Solve for x: x^2 + (x + 4)^2 = (x + 8)^2  

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Solve: `x^2 + (x+4)^2 = (x+8)^2`

multiply out the brackets:

`x^2 + (x+4)(x+4) = (x+8)(x+8)`

Remember to multiply each factor inside the first bracket by both in the second:

`x^2 + x^2 + 4x+4x+16= x^2+8x+8x+64`

Combine like terms and take everything to the one side:

`therefore x^2+x^2+8x+16 - x^2-16x-64=0`

Combine like terms:

`therefore x^2 -8x -48 = 0`

Now use the factors from the first term (that is, `x times x)` and the factors from the 3rd term which suit this equation (`12 times 4)` to render the middle term of -8x.

`therefore (x-12)(x+4) = 0` Now each factor = 0

`therefore x=12 or x=-4`

Ans: x=12 or x=-4


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`x^2 -8x +16-48=16` 





`x_1=12`    `x_2=-4` 


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