How to solve: x+2=?

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To solve x+2 =? requires that there is something on the right hand side of the equation. Perhaps this is

`x+2 = 0`

`therefore x=-2`

Note how we have isolated the x (got it by itself). If there was another value on the right side, for example, 1, we would have `x+2=1`

`therefore x= 1-2` ` `

`therefore x=-1`

The graph of the straight line x+2=0 (see black line) and x+2=1 (see red line)follows :

  Ans: x=-2 when x+2=0


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Assuming the question mark represented a number, then x will be 2 subtracted from the question mark. 2 is being subtracted because the number is moved to the other side of the equal sign so changes its sign from positive to negative.

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When there is no number after the equal sign and it asks to solve, it can be assumed that the number is 0:


x=-2. This is the final answer. 

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We should first look at the problem as x + 2 =0

We are trying to solve for x, and in order to do that we need to get x alone. The 2 being added is standing in the way of the x being alone, so we need to get rid of it, by doing the opposite of adding which is subtracting 2.

x + 2 - 2 = 0 - 2

x = -2