In "Wuthering Heights" how does Cathy respond to Heathcliff's brutality? (Chapters 25-34)

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In chapter 27,Cathrine and Nelly,both gets imprisoned by Heathcliff.Heathcliff forces Cathy to marry Linton but Cathy replies Heathcliff that she will marry Linton only after visiting her father.

Heathcliff says he will enjoy Edgar's misery and refuses to release Cathy until after the marriage.Cathy struggles with Heathcliff for the key to the door but he beats her.The spirited way she stands up to Heathcliff 'her black eyes flashing with passion' reminds Heathcliff of her mother.

In chapter 28,Edgar was dying and Cathy runs from wuthering heights to see her father and on Edgar's funeral,Heathcliff fetches Cathy.Linton has been punished for helping her escape.She asserts her power to love and forgive Linton despite his bad nature, attributing Heathcliff's cruelty to his misery and lack of anyone to love him. Cathy stands up to Heathcliff courageously and she believes in love and forgiveness.

It is noticable that Cathy does not fear Heathcliff's brutality in many parts of the story and that Cathy was brave enough in front of him.

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