What is the writing style of Roald Dahl in his stories for children?

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Roald Dahl has a humorous writing style for children. He is very creative, using unique adjectives in his descriptive writing. Dahl uses figures of speech in his writing:

He uses specific names and figures of speech which compliments the different character in his or her personality and features. Such as Augustus Gloop to name a fat and greedy boy in the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These exaggerate the characters traits as such making them seem either more evil or a better hero.

Also, Dahl makes the characters come alive on every page. He can create characters that are enjoyable and humorous:

Roald Dahl's has a creative and humorous style when it comes to writing children's books such as James and the giant peach or The Twits. With lots of sound words, interesting adjectives and humorous poems, it makes his books an interesting and enjoyable experience for young readers.

Roald Dahl is more than humorous. He uses certain characters to teach a lesson about how the other children are not being respectful and obedient. He puts a twist on his words and arranges the sentence structure to a point of wackiness at times:

He also loves to twist words and play around with the sentence structure such as using "Vitches" in dialogs instead of witches to portray the high pitch, screeching voice of the witches. His humorous poems, which sound sadistic at times, are mostly found in children’s books. This adds a touch of wackiness to the stories. Such can be found in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he uses them to make fun of the characters when they meet with different accidents.

Dahl uses various literary devices to create vivid images and sounds for his his characters and readers. Through personification, Dahl creates human-like animals. These animals have a mind of their own and can speak like a real human.

Many children and adults will be reading books by Dahl for enjoyment for years to come. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one book that will remembered and cherished for years to come:

The book is especially effective when read aloud and is frequently used by teachers who read to their classes. This is partially due to Dahl's playful use of language, featuring rhymes, puns, and hyperbole.

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