Discuss the writing style of Arun Kolatkar. He was an Indian poet.

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Arun Kolatkar was generally a modernist poet who wrote in both Marathi and English during the 1950s and 1960s.  Much of his poetry found humor in the incidences of everyday.  Much of Kolatkar's Marathi poetry can be classified under the "little magazine movement" of the time, which was a literary movement launched by various literary magazines.  In regards to style, Kolatkar often experimented radically with form and content.  He often approached surrealism and expressionism in his works in that in the midst of their humor the poems are very whimsical but very dark and sinister in nature.  During this time period, Kolatkar was also not opposed to using foul language in his poetry (although his later works didn't boast as many colorful metaphors).  In regards to his later Marathi poetry, Kolatkar's poems showed a greater social awareness and sense of satire as the works became more direct as he got older.  Kolatkar also wrote English poetry later in his career (although they are not as considered as instrumental as his early poems).  These English poems often highlighted ambiguities in modern life and, although they are set in a religious setting, were not religious.  In my opinion, these later poems show a maturity in both life and style.

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