Writing a paragraph for what characteristics or special abilities to sucessful of ESL teacher (for College)

wanderista | Student

ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers need to be a few skills to become a successful in their field.

Firstly, they must be very effective communicators. They must be able to engage with people who may not be able to speak English very well. They must be able to reach to and connect with their students, and make them strive to do better academically.

Secondly, ESL teachers must be passionate about what they do. It is not an easy job to teach ESL as to other languages, because you are exposed to people with a variety of backgrounds. One day, you may be teaching a French student, and the next day you could be teaching a student from Arabia. You must be knowledgeable about foreign cultures to be able to respect their traditions, values and principles.

Finally, ESL teachers must be patient and calm. Sometimes it can get frustrating repeating the same phrases over to allow your students to learn. ESL teachers must be tolerant of others' mistakes, even when they have made it a lot of times.

Josephloveesl | Student

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