Writing an essay on Macbeth, I am done with my 3 body paragraphs.Looking for a concluding paragraph which includes cultural, social and political influences.   Thanks

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Without knowing the content of your essay, it is impossible to know how to direct you specifically in your concluding paragraph. However, there are some general directions and suggestions that can be made.

First of all, a conclusion is a summary of the points that you have made in your essay; it includes a reworded thesis statement that, then reminds the reader of the "argument" of your essay.  After this reworded thesis statement, the conclusion ends with a clincher, or sentence that gives the reader a sense of finality; it is a sentence, too, that finishes by referring to the motivator of the introduction--a sentence relative to the thesis which grabs the reader's interest.  Often this sentence begins with words such as clearly, certainly, or indeed.

If for example, in the motivator you have pulled the quotation from Macbeth about "vaulting ambition," you can write a clincher that reiterates this idea. For example,

Indeed, the power of "vaulting ambition" often subjects one to the influences of cultural, social, and political forces.


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