What  is the writer's intention and her message when writing (the novel) The Story of My Life?

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Helen Keller wrote The Story of My Life just as her adult life was beginning. She was a keen student at Radcliffe College at the time, an achievement in itself and something that she could never have even dreamed of as a physically disabled woman at the turn of the twentieth century without the input of several significant people in her life such as her parents, Ann Sullivan and Alexander Graham Bell, to whom she dedicated The Story of My Life.

It is an autobiographical account of events and there is no element of fiction in this book so it cannot be called a novel. A novel is an untrue story which may be based on a true story but is in itself fictitious and only seemingly true due to its correlation with real-life events. Helen Keller really felt that the "living word awakened my soul' and despite well-meaning people making her life "unintentionally difficult" she took encouragement from "the consolation of knowing that I overcame them all"   

Helen Keller dedicated herself to the cause of others, having recognized that her own life would have been so different if it were not for the patience and love of her friends, mentors and family. Anyone reading The Story of My Life will hopefully be motivated to either make more of their own lives or help others do so.

There is no degree of pity in Helen's book and her honesty regarding her outbursts as a child and her seemingly mean streak - especially when it came to her younger sister whom she once tried to tip out of a crib belonging to Helen- ensure that even a reader who has experienced despair can come away, having read this book, with hope for something better.


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