write whether you are for or against medias ?write whether you are for or against medias ?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question might do better as a discussion post where many people would post their view.  As for this question, I am truly for media, if that media is independent and not an arm of a particular view.  I am 63 which means that I remember when the news broadcasts covered world news without the entertainment aspect of today.  Now, the BBC is about the only place to get such news.  I want an unbiased viewpoint if there is such a thing; for example, Fox News has become known as a spokesperson for the right, the conservative view.  I also dislike the current situation where only a few people or corporations control much of the news flow through their ownership of TV stations, radio stations, and giant newspaper machines.  I do like the ability of young people to get involved through the social medias like facebook etc.  That has been a huge plus for people to hear what the youth of this country think about important issues.  I dislike the entertainment quota of news because I can find that on shows designated for entertainment; if it is labeled news, I'd really like to hear news, and news of the world not just of our country.