Write a well developed paragraph (about 10 to 13 lines) explaining the poem "The Seven Stages of a Man"."The seven stages of a man" by William Shakespeare

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The point of this poem, in my opinion, is simply to point out that human life is changing and is merely temporary.  The things that seem so important to us at any given time will no longer be important in a very short while.  And soon, nothing will be important because we will be dead.

In the poem, Shakespeare follows a man through seven stages of life.  He points out how the man proceeds through these stages, with different attitudes and attributes in each stage.  The moral, to me, is that we change as we go through life and, as I said, that in the end we die and nothing matters anymore.

dnguha | Student

In Act II, Scene VII, of Shakespeare's famous play "As you Like It" the melancholy philosopher Jaques makes the philosophical observation concerning the seven ages of man. He criticizes human life from within and without. He criticizes human life and likens human life to a mere stage-play. Jaques traces human life through the famous seven ages, the infant in arms of the nurse, the school-boy, the lover, the soldier, the justice, the retired man and the worn-out senior, sinking back into dissolution. The poem highlights these very aspects of man's life--the seven traditional spheres. As stage personnel Shakespeare, quite aply compares life to the play-acting. The " tomorrow and eomorrow and tomorrow" from Macbeth reminds us of this.