Write two paragraphs about your town/city or any city of your choice, including favorite areas and things to do, what makes it special, and why people would want to visit.     

A short composition on one's preferred town or city, including favorite areas and attractions, would depend entirely on one's personal preferences. Factors such as hobbies, preferred climate, favorite food, and priorities will make different cities appealing to different people. For example, Seattle is a great choice for people who enjoy coffee, biking, international food, and the great outdoors.

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This is an interesting assignment. You have been asked to write about a city. You need to describe what factors would make you consider living there.

Step 1. Determine factors that appeal to you. The first approach to this assignment is to outline your goals and interests. This will help you determine a city that might be suitable for you. For instance, are you an outdoor person who enjoys sports like hiking and bicycling? Do you also enjoy good restaurants or theater or museums?

Step 2. Prioritize these factors. Once you have established your interests, you must prioritize them because it is unlikely that any single city will offer you everything that you seek. For instance, if love of outdoor sports is your top priority, followed by love of good restaurants, the city needs to offer you both. Thus, you need a city that has a broad variety of restaurants, as well as access to outdoor sports.

Step 3. Do some internet research. For instance, searching for “cities + bicycle” produced an article on “The Best Bike Cities in America.” This list is a good starting point for choosing the city. If you search for cities and museums, you will obtain a different, but equally helpful list.

Step 4. Add details and do more internet research. My list of what the ideal city needs includes restaurants, particularly Mediterranean restaurants. Therefore, to complete the assignment, I would cross-check the best biking cities to see which ones also have good Mediterranean restaurants.

For example, it turns out that the top city on my cycling list is Seattle. A search for Mediterranean restaurants in Seattle produces a long list of restaurants. A visit to the various restaurant websites shows that many look extremely appealing.

Step 5. What else about this city interests you? Having set the outline of my two paragraphs, I would also research what else about Seattle makes the city special. This could be accomplished in a number of ways, including conducting more internet research, reviewing travel guide books or even calling the city Chamber of Commerce to ask what sites tourists visit most frequently. Specific to Seattle, the city launched several coffee chains and is also home to the Space Needle.

Thus, my paragraphs would note that I could bicycle to the Space Needle, continue my cycling activities, eat at a great restaurant and follow that up with a visit to a local coffee shop. Your paragraphs will discuss the interests you outlined and city you selected.

Step 6. Check spelling and grammar. You are almost done with the assignment. Now, you need to check your spelling and grammar. Most word processors have a spelling and grammar function that will help you do that. If not, you can use an online program such as Grammerly.

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