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Write on a topic, i.e. a period or literary group in the history of British Poetry. 

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I think that you will be able to choose from a wide selection of topics in this particular genre.  I have always felt that British Romantic poetry offers much in way of writing topics and can provide much in way of fuel for composing papers.  Writers like Wordsworth or Keats, Shelley or Byron, Blake or Coleridge can be excellent sources for writing topics.  This could constitute some solid papers in terms of thought process and explication of scope.  Outside of this, I think more details would be needed in terms of where input can be offered.  The different types of topics would also be helpful here in terms of what you have come up with thus far.

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Doug Stuva eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I'm not sure what you are after with your question.  Certainly you don't want one of us to write on a topic for you, do you?  The question is so vague I don't know what you need.

If you just want some ideas about what to write on, one of the periods of English literature that is easy to find information on is Romanticism.  I'll put the link to the enotes Study Guide on the topic below. 

In short, you could think about writing on the following:

  • the major poets of Romanticism
  • the major themes in their poetry
  • what ideas the poets were reacting against
  • the backgrounds of the poets
  • the legacy Romanticism left to literature and art
  • what poems are the most famous from the period
  • what got Romanticism started

Your text book and the Internet, as well as enotes, should provide you with plenty of information to write on the topic of Romanticism.

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