Write a thesis about parents should teach, manage and monitor their children eating habits on low income communities

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As the article by Drewnoski and Eichelsdoerfer (2010) in Nutrition Today, cited below, states, low-income families have a difficult time finding and affording nutritious food for their families. They must often eat high-calorie, inexpensive foods that have a lot of sugar and little nutritional value, such as starchy food. However, the authors argue that families in low-income areas can afford a healthier diet by choosing food that is rich in nutrients but that is also affordable and that is palatable to American diets. These types of foods include milk, yogurt, beans, eggs, cabbage, fortified cereals, citrus, and other foods, according to the authors of this article.

Parents in low-income areas can help their children choose these higher-nutrient affordable foods by going shopping with their children and cooking with them. They can show their children choices that are healthy but affordable and help them steer away from fast-food options and starchy, sugary options such as potato chips, cookies, soda, and cakes. This program involves looking for stores in which people can purchase these staples, and it involves not shopping in convenience stores or fast-food stores, which can at times be expensive and not nutritious. In addition, parents have to monitor their children's food choices. Therefore, parents are critical in helping children in low-income areas learn how to choose healthier food options and in monitoring their children's choices over time to make sure they are following good habits.


Drewnowski, A., & Eichelsdoerfer, P. (2010). "Can Low-Income Americans Afford a Healthy Diet?" Nutr Today. 2010 Nov; 44(6): 246-249. doi: 10.1097/NT.0b013e3181c29f79

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