write these essays: (1)a world without oil/petrol. (2)it is society that creates terrorist.i want a complete essay on these both......... can i get it???  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yeah, this is not going to happen.  In all sincerity, I think that it should be noted that few, if any, will write the essays for you.  I am not sure that's where this site is located in terms of purpose.  I believe that you can get some good starters on thinking about the essays, and what you might want to say, or even potential arguments of which you need to be aware as you compose your work.  On the first topic, I think you can examine many arguments out there to display that a world without oil is plausible and needed.  Many of these organizations argue that science has developed bio fuels or other chemical compositions that can synthesize the same reaction that oil does in cars and motors, decreasing our need to import it in such great quantities.  Additionally, these individuals also argue that the world without oil is an environmentally sound one that reduces harmful impacts on our ecological balance.  In terms of the second essay, I think you would want to focus on how terrorists and those who subscribe to ideologies considered "terrorists" do so because they have no other alternatives.  I would examine the film, "Syriana," which argues that the lack of economic opportunities and lack of employment realities help to gear young people, especially men, towards organizations who "prey" and target these individuals to become members of their belief systems.  Additionally, those who become terrorists do so because of some condition or a set of conditions in their settings or environments that compels them to believe a certain belief system.  For example, if someone is continually and repeatedly exposed to experiences that show one group of people as morally repugnant, it is more likely that they will embrace a value set that echoes such an experience.  In this case, the social order is what makes the terrorist.