Pride and Prejudice Questions and Answers
by Jane Austen

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Write the story of Elizabeth’s life, had she not married Mr. Darcy (200-300 words).

Had Elizabeth not married Mr. Darcy, she would have remained single and dependent on her family, continued living at Longbourne with her parents until her father’s death, moved into a house provided by the Gardiners, spent long periods visiting her sister Jane, and died of tuberculosis in her forties.

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If Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzhugh Darcy had not married, it would have been his choice rather than hers. Lizzie would have stayed single and lived at home, as most unmarried elite women did at that time. She remained close to Jane, and would months at a time visiting with her and her husband; their children adored their aunt. Her continued residence at the family home, Longbourne, was limited by English law, as the property would pass to Mr. Collins upon her father’s death. When that occurred, the family of Mrs. Bennet (formerly Gardiner) helped the widow and her unmarried daughters by providing a home for them. Succumbing to consumption...

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