Write a summary of Tom Robinson found guilty on charges of rape in To Kill a Mockingbird?sentenced to death

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After all of the evidence that Atticus presented to the judge and jury, it is obvious to the reader that Tom was being accused of something he did not do.  Atticus makes three strong points in his summation speech in chapter 20.  The first point is the truth of what happened that night at Mayella's house.  She was white and she tempted a black man.  Then he points out that Bob Ewell, Mayella's father, was left handed, which leads us to make sense of the wounds on the right side of her face.  He lastly points out that the one place in our country where "all men are created equal" is in the courtroom.  With his dramatic explanation and plea to the jury, the jury then leaves to deliberate. 

The jury is out for hours.  Because of the time period, it should be a quick "done-deal" because a black man attacked a white woman, and all jury members were white.  However, the jury struggles with this case. They have respected Atticus all of these years and know what he is saying is true.  After what seems like days, the verdict is reached and the judge asks each juror for Tom's sentencing.  Tom is found "guilty...guilty...guilty...guilty." Atticus leaves the courtroom very quickly.  But as he does so, the balcony of blacks all stand to show respect for what he did for Tom. 

dancer77 | Student

As to the first answer, didn't Mayella have bruises on the right side of her face, not the left??? or am i wrong?

cwilliams71 | Student

it was right so that only a left handed person could bruise like that which means one of two things 1) bob did it or 2) they didn't pay attention and bob still did it

bocateacher322 | Student

In To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom is a minor character in the novel. He is a family man and cares for his wife and children every day and he loves them. However, he is accused of attacking Mayella Ewell. There is a bruise above her left eye. Tom is found guilty of this crime yet he is innocent. His guilty verdict actually hides the crime of Bob Ewell, who is Mayella’s father. There is a bruise above Mayella’s left eye. It is much more likely that Bob committed the crime as he is left-handed. Also, Tom is disabled in the way that he is paralyzed in his right arm which would make such a bruise almost impossible. Also when Tom depicted the events of that time, he was very thorough in his details. Although a very loving man, the readers see that he is not very intelligent. With such great extent in his details, there is not much room for error in his story and we think that only a very wise man who be able to make such a detailed, meticulous lie.

futtie | Student

In addition to the first answer, Isn't Tom Paralyzed in his left arm, not his right?

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